Kristopher (senilepope) wrote,

I've been meaning to update this but haven't had the resolve to do it for a few months.

Got my WoW:WotLK collector's edition on release day morning inspite of the shitty weather. Found out I had some outstanding vacation time at work and because of that I had my main to 80 within a few days. It feels like the content has been out forever though it to me it is getting stale. Right now I am very casually rep grinding through dailies, finishing up the Northrend loremaster acheivement, and maybe doing a heroic or two (mostly Violet Hold because it's so damn easy). Not to mention the queue/lag problems the game has been having is a real downer. Max level really means nothing, gear means nothing; it is a all a reflection of how much time you can sink into the game. Have Lisa playing with the recruit a friend program after we bought her a new computer. Playing a priest with her and the recruit a friend exp is really insane. Really looking forward to Diablo 2, but that is probably years away from release. Everquest has added a mercenary system to help with solving the game's soling issues, that intrigues me. In fact I am enjoying the browser games I play now the most.

Today is probably patch day for WoW and the new patchs always interest me. Lost is coming back in a couple weeks that will be nice too.

During the holidays my family told me I was the most conservative and boring person they know. Which I can understand because I don't go any where. Mainly because any place of interest is at least 30 minutes out of Marysville. That and work has been really draining with the busy season just now ending.

It's sad to see LJ die the way it has. Myspace really bothers me it seems so hollow and just a way to show off flashy pages, subject people to crappy music, and show people people doing lame 'action' shots of posed bullshit that I guess are supposed to look candid. Myspace is just all too superfical. I miss the old introspective posts people used to post almost daily on LJ.
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